Sample comments for your comment assist library

3-2-10 Rule

Go to your dashboard and click on "Comment ASSIST" Under the "Inspection Element" select "Masonry Chimney" and for  the  "Element Field" select "Chimney Height 3-2-10 rule" Click "ADD NEW COMMENT"

Choose an except comment such as 3-2-10 or short or any way you want to be reminded of your comment.

Sample comment:

It is important that a chimney be tall enough to perform its intended function. To ensure the chimney or vent is able to have proper draft to allow the harmful byproducts of combustion (including carbon monoxide), the chimney height is required to protrude a minimum of 3' at the highest point in the roof where the chimney or vent passes through the roof. The chimney or vent must also be 2' taller than anything within 10' Anything shorter may not have proper draft to safely remove the fumes from the dwelling.
If the height of the chimney is insufficient, It Is possible for the combustion byproduct re-enter through the roof vents. This could lead to hazardous fumes entering the home as well as soot and other dirt entering the dwelling.

2019 NFPA 211 4.2.1, 2018 IRC R1003.9

Signature acknowledgement:

This is found under the inspection tab for the inspection element and the field  is signature acknowledgement.

I use the excerpt:  "I accept this report"

I have viewed and understand the inspection report on my chimney, appliance, and venting system.  The deficiencies of this system have been explained to me.  If this report is part of a transfer of real estate, it is the responsibility of the purchaser of this report to make this report available in its entirety to all persons involved in the real-estate transaction.  Full disclosure is required by law.  

Any defects, flaws, or deficiencies that could present a safety concern should be remediated before using the system for its intended use. Continued use of this chimney, appliance, or venting system with any known deficiencies is solely the responsibility of the homeowner. 

I accept this report.