ChimSpect was born out of a quest to standardize the way all of my technicians were completing and documenting level 1 and level II chimney inspections.  My quest started several years ago.  I tried every system I found on the market and all were lacking the flexibility, speed and accuracy that I needed.  

1. I needed to prove we are providing the standard level of care required by our trade since the year 2000.

2. I needed a way to keep all my technicians accountable.

3. Narrative style reports dramatically increase sales! So I needed a way for all of my crews to quickly create these reports

4. I was involved in a property damage loss. If I had better documented what went on at the home during our work, I would have not had any liability in this claim.

In October of 2017 I approached my brother, Bill, who has over 40 years experience in the software industry. Together we formed ChimSpect. The abilities of this system has surpassed my expectations and continues to get better! My brother’s company will always keep the app and software current with technology. My job is to make sure it always meets the needs of our industry!

Our software launched September of 2018. Since that time it has been used by hundreds of chimney technicians and has been used to inspect over 70,000 Chimneys!Join the ranks of the successful elite group of sweeps prospering their buisness by generating professional chimney inspection reports with ChimSpect! ChimSpect is the first and best app of its kind!